Mountain Radio
Our service has been
a supporting member of
The ‘FMC’ for over 40 years.
Field Set

Forty five years ago, members from some “South Island Mountaineering and Tramping Clubs” decided to join forces to bring help a little closer.  We established “Canterbury Mountain Radio Service” (CMRS) with the purpose of providing radio-telephones field sets, for safety communication in the remote areas of all the South Island and Stewart Island.

For Your Safety in the Mountains
We do appreciate the donations received 
from… “The Canterbury Community Trust”.
and the “Bendigo Valley Foundation”.
Our field set calling  

With these “2” specially made light weight “Field Sets” work anywhere and are ideal for the outdoors where mobile phones do not work.

The primary purpose of the Mountain Radio is Safety, and are also very useful for receiving the latest weather forecasts that we give twice daily, also advising others of any changes in plans etc. With these two models can make direct phone calls directly through our Base Network into the NZ Public Telephone System 24/7.

Our specially made
Field Set

Our Base Operators ‘DO MONITOR’ and ‘TAKE VOICE CALLS’ during the day. We also have ‘3’ voice calls times. Daily at 8.30am 12 noon and also 7.30pm, where field parties can give their location and intentions etc.